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  Ohio Blenders, Inc.   

Producing high quality, dehydrated alflafa products for over 30 years!

    alfalfaharvest.jpg (35382 bytes)The alfalfa crop is cut at the early flowering stage to ensure high quality forage and the retention of nutritious leafy materials and then only partially field dried to minimize the effects of weathering.   The alfalfa is then picked up, chopped and rushed to one of our seven processing plants where it is dehydrated ground into meal and processed into pellets.newpellets.jpg (35451 bytes)  This rapid drying process preserves the nutrients in the alflafa and reduces solubility of protein.  The reduced protein solubility improves protein utilization and increases the feed effectiveness of alfalfa.  After processing the pellets are cooled and transfered to large storage bins where additional aeration takes palce.  Temperature monitoring is constantly conducted to guarentee conssistent quality and high crude proitein.  After sufecient cooling the pellets are ready for shipment.   Laboratory analysis is conducted during processing,  storage and shipment to ensure that customer product quality specifications are met.  Alfalfa pellets and chuncks are blended to your specifications in truckload, railcar, bargeload and shipload quantities at competitive prices.  Whether your looking to purchase a single ton, truckload, weekly multiple railcar delivery, bargeload, or shipload, a phone call or FAX to Ohio Blenders, Inc. will connect you with people that are ready, willing, and able to supply you with the alfalfa pelletsa and alfalfa pellets and chuncks that you require, at the right price.

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Ohio Blenders, Inc.

2404 Summit Street, Toledo Ohio 43611

Tel: 419-726-2655 * FAX: 419-726-6629


Ohio Blenders of PA, Inc.

260 North Beaver St.

P.O. Box 1306, York, Pa 17405

Tel: 717-848-2537 * FAX 717-854-474