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Feeder Lambs


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Alflafa pellets

Whole shelled corn (0-50% of ration)

Salt (.5% of Ration)

Chlorotetracyline (33 mg / head / day)

Ammonium chloride or Ammonium sulfate (.5% of ration)

Selinium and other trace minerals that you would want to see in a finshing ration.

Vitamin A,D,E.

Pounds         Ingredients

1561.7           Alflafa meal

  200.0              Wheat middlings

  100.0               Salt

  100.0               Ammonium chloride or Ammonium sulfate

    25.0            Selinium-90 (would like a 2.5 ppm supplement

    10.0              ADE premix

      3.3              Aureomycin   50G/LB


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This supplement is designed to be fed as 1 part or 10 % supplement with alfalfa pellets and corn.  Lambs would consume .3 to .4 lbs. per day.

Supplement is 23 % crude protein with 9.2% equivalent protein coming from nonprotein nitrogen (ammonium chloride).

Protein requirements of lambs are easily met up to a 50% corn ration when using 15% crude protein alfalfa pellets.

With 19% crude protein alflafa pellets up to 70% corn can be used in the ration.

Pelleted  - Lambs can not easily sort from alfalfa pellets and corn.

Ammonium Chloride - Reduces the incidence of urinary calculi, water belly.

chlorotetracycline - Helps reduce incidence of  enterotoxemia and promotes growth by reducing the incidence of subclinical infections.

Salt, selinium , ADE Vitamins: - Bring ration up to levels needed by lambs.

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