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Welcome horticultural enthusiasts to our Vit-A-Green Supreme page. Vit-A-Green is the last fertalizer you will ever need.vitagreen.jpg (27956 bytes)



100% Natural

Vit-A-Green Supreme won’t harm the environment in any way. We harvest the alfalfa straight out of the field then dehydrate it, grind it, pelletize and store the alfalfa without the use of any preservatives. All you get is 100% alfalfa. 


Contains Micronutrients

Soil micronutrients play a key role in plant growth and health. Vit-A-Green Supreme contains calcium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, magnesium, and other micronutrients necessary for a healthy environment for plants to grow. 


Recognized and used by rose growers

If you still have doubts whether or not to use Vit-A-Green Supreme, just ask a seasoned rose grower. Alfalfa is recommended for use on roses by Dr. John Dickman and Howard Walters, columnists for the American Rose magazine (published by the American Rose Society). If garden alfalfa is good enough for serious rose growers, then it will be an excellent plant fertilizer for whatever a Gardner is growing.


Slow release fertilizer that decomposes quickly

Vit-A-Green Supreme is a slow release fertilizer, which means that there is no danger of "burning" your plants. With a 12/1 carbon/nitrogen ratio, alfalfa is the fastest decomposing natural fertilizer on the market. Once incorporated into the soil, Vit-A-Green Supreme immediately starts to break down and make its nutrients available.


Easy to use & measure - safe for humans & animals

You do not have to worry about children or animals getting into Vit-A-Green Supreme.   No more worries about mixing and using dangerous chemicals.  No more hassles about where to store unused portions of chemicals, or the disposing of empty chemical containers.  Just pour the Vit-A-Green Supreme right where you need it and any unused portion will keep indefinitely in a dry place.




Using a broadcast spreader,* apply 20 lbs. per 1,000 square feet for initial application and 10 lbs. per 1,000 square feet every 60 days for long term maintenance.  Water area immediately. (1 inch)  *Most broadcast spreaders set fully open will dispense approximately 10 lbs. per 1,000 square feet per pass.


New vegetable and flower gardens

For best results, spread 20 to 30 lbs. of Vit-A-Green Supreme per 1,000 square feet of garden area prior to general planting. Rotor till into garden area.   Lightly top dress area at 60 day intervals at a rate of about 5 lbs. per 1,000 square feet.

Or at time of planting, make furrow or planting hole slightly deeper than necessary.  place generous amount (up to 1' depth) of Vit-A-Green Supreme into furrow or hole.  Mix or stir with soil until blended.  Follow regular planting instructions for the specific plant.  lightly top dress area at 60-day intervals at a rate of 5 lbs. per 1,000 square feet.


Establish plants, ornamentals and shrubbery

Use one cup of vita green supreme per foot of weep line circumference of plant, around base of plant every 60 days during growing season.  Work into loose surface soil if possible, but leaving as a top dressing and watering will work well over time.


Potted or container plants

One ounce of Vit-A-Green Supreme should be mixed with soil per gallon of soil mass.  This is best done during potting or repotting.  This method when used in conjunction with the monthly TEA (see below) will provide nutrition for your plant for about one year.  Repotting and fertilizing is then recommended.  In situations where regular TEA is not possible to use, put four ounces of Vit-A-Green Supreme into initial potting mixture (per gallon of soil mass).


Tea for potted plants (indoor and outdoor) roses and gardens

You can brew a nutrient tea by placing two cups of Vit-A-Green Supreme in a sock.  Tie end of sock closed.  Place sock into a 5-gallon bucket of water.   Let stand in a sunny or warm area for two or three days.  Remove sock and dispose of residue over a garden bed area.  Use tea to water potted plants and roses.   Pour directly onto soil and /or over foliage.  tea should be used entirely within 24 hours.  Tea plants every four weeks.

May take two to three weeks before results are seen.

For more information on Vit-A-Green Supreme, Ohio Blenders or how to purchase. contact us at:
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