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Ohio Blenders Inc.


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Welcome to our homepage.  Ohio Blenders is a company that deals in dehydrated alfalfa products.  We currently have two locations. Click on the links to go to the Toledo or the York web site.


Ohio Blenders, Inc.

2404 Summit Street, Toledo Ohio 43611

Tel: 419-726-2655 * FAX: 419-726-6629




Ohio Blenders of PA, Inc.

260 North Beaver St.

P.O. Box 1306, York, Pa 17405

Tel: 717-848-2537 *  717-854-4745

cow.jpg (15811 bytes)To learn about the nutritional values of dehydrated alfalfa, and why you should supplement it into the diet of your animals, check out our informative nutrition page.

.lincoln.gif (22327 bytes)If you would like information concerning our new, all natural, fertilizer Vit-A-Green Supreme, click on the picture of the roses

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Ohio Blenders, of Pa


Ohio Blenders Inc.

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